Two buildings catch fire in Pretoria

Two Pretoria buildings went up in flames in the early hours of Sunday.

Emergency services authorities said a building caught fire on Rebecca Street, Pretoria West, as well as business premises on Skenkel Street, East Lynne, the Rekord Moot reported.

“The building burned down to the ground. Firefighters arrived and tried to contain the spreading flames,” said the authorities.

Firefighters were still struggling to douse the flames long after the fire started. Picture: Supplied

Tshwane emergency services spokesperson Johan Pieterse said firefighters were still dousing the flames long after the fire started.

“The situation seems to be under control now,” said Pieterse at 8.40am on Sunday.

“The buildings were extensively damaged, as both roofs collapsed.”

He said despite damage to the buildings, no one was injured.

The cause of both fires was being investigated.

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