Hard news

Chrome thieves caught

MECKLENBURG – The battle against illegal mining intensified when Mecklenburg SAPS arrested two suspects for theft of unprocessed chrome on September 14. The incident happened in Tjibeng Village at midnight. According to police the two suspects were caught red handed, loading the precious metals into a tipper truck. “After being tipped off police officers rushed…

Up in arms again

Kellysville and Mashishing residents are furious about Thaba Chweu Local Municipality’s (TCLM) poor service delivery and corruption.

Burn victim left to wait

“One of the patients told the nurses she felt pain after they dressed her wounds without giving her pain medication, they told her she did not want help.”

Protesters break gates at FGTM

The protesters threw stones at security officers and also prevented visitors from entering the municipality premises.

FGTM terminates Operation Mabone contract

The letter went on to reveal that Mphaphuli’s conduct is viewed as a material breach of contract and therefore constitutes a termination of the entire agreement.

Man convicted for raping minor

He pleaded not guilty to the charges, stating that he only slapped the girl as she was disturbing him while he was bathing.Doctors from Dilokong examined the minor and testified that she was raped.

Residents of Extension 10 demand services

The residents of Extension 10, which is situated behind the Burgersfort Clinic, indicated that they also demand job opportunities from businesses operating near their area.