Drastic crime rate increase

A wake-up call for South Africans to safeguard their homes rings loud and clear; 29 burglaries and two robberies take place every hour.

Armed robbery goes horribly bad for thiefs

Two armed men in Johannesburg attempted to hijack an elderly man. Luckily the community rushed to help him. The one man got away while the other one was being beaten by the community.

Determined man catches gate-remote criminals

According to Tjie, the suspects admitted to using muti, called phunyuka bamphethe (escape when caught) for them to “disappear” from their victims. They revealed that there were other gate-remote criminals in the town.

Homeless family needs your support

Shortly afterwards it was on fire and burnt down with everything inside. We did not have clothes and a place to sleep.

Boma robbery

BURGERSFORT – A man has fallen prey to a break-in once again at the Boma Housing Units. The Steelburger/Lydenburg News reported last year about Mr Leonel Veaguiar, who was held at gunpoint on November 20 and beaten repeatedly over the head with a steel object while a rope was tightened around his neck. It took…

Houtstropers word op heterdaad betrap

BURGERSFORT – Vermeende houtstropers is Saterdag tydens ‘n klopjag deur boere en die polisie in die Watervalsriviervallei vasgetrek. Die klopjag het op die plaas van mnr. Piet Boshoff plaasgevind. Houtstropery is al vir ‘n geruime tyd ‘n probleem op Boshoff se plaas. Oortreders knip die drade langs die R37 buite Burgersfort om so toegang tot…

Vehicle hijacked on Longtom Pass

BREAKING NEWS!!! Lydenburg police arrested two suspects who hijacked a vehicle on the Longtom Pass early this morning. . According to a witness at the scene he heard gun shots go off  . More updates will follow soon.

Four people held at gunpoint while assailants plant major explosives

BURGERSFORT – Two cashiers and a petrol attendee from PPS Petroport were held at gunpoint in the early hours of Monday. At around 01:53 two men, armed with nine-millimetre pistols stormed into the petrol station’s convenience shop and confronted cashiers, Mr Ronny Motau and Mr Aubey Mabuza and petrol attendant Mr Otto Maphana as well…