Letter to the mayor

Mswati Mbamba writes:

The executive mayor of Thaba Chweu has had more than two years in office and there is not anything to show for his leadership.

Under his stewardship service provision has deteriorated rapidly, potholes have increased in every street and on every road, lack of water has reached dangerous proportions putting residents and even babies at risk of getting sick with water borne diseases, while he drinks bottled water.

Electricity had become a luxury. He still insists on payment of services nevertheless, and good residents still oblige.

During serious service delivery crises which was caused by poor workmanship and lack of maintenance at TCM he never stepped up like a true leader and called community meetings to inform residents about the actual state of affairs, instead he runs to the community radio to give short and confusing statements.

Mr Mayor hence residents disrupted your council meetings and hauled you to the hall for explanations.

Residents are entitled to consultative meetings and mayoral imbizos to interact with you because they voted for you but you disregard this, you only opt to visit communities when you are invited by other people who had already put in some work.

You engage yourself in trivial things like driving up and down in that Merc bought by poor people’s money and buying alcohol for your rented gangsters to harass residents and push down gates at the community hall.

You run to the private sector in times of a crisis and expect them to deal with your problems.

You reversed everything that the late Marobela and Mr Koma laid as a foundation to deal with challenges of service delivery. You frustrated Koma so much that he opted to leave so that you can carry on with your corrupt dealings. Koma, though not a Messiah himself, was a better devil.

Stands are today sold at R1 rand because of your lack of political leadership. Why do the likes of Surprise Maebela still have jobs if you are serious about fighting corruption?

Today your friends are submitting invoices claiming they had cut grass at the clinic when we know such a service was never undertaken.

Residents continuously have to bear the sewer stench while your family never have to endure this unhealthy disgusting environment.

Today people had forcefully and illegally occupied council land right under your nose, but you fail to engage them, You can’t even evict them because council stands are sold at close to nothing and no one takes the wrap for it.

As a resident I feel disrespected by the glorious movement for making me bear the pain of you being a mayor for so long.

I think it’s time for you to age gracefully by accepting that local government is too complex for you and therefore step down with dignity; things simply can’t get worse than this.

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