I don’t agree with Farhad

DA Cllr Farhad Essack.

Lucas Morena writes:

I refer to the article of Friday March 14 by DA councillor Farhad Essack. I do not, as much as I respect his opinion, necessarily agree with him. This very councillor is one of the more experienced ones in local government, but I think his problem is the concepts of freedom and democracy. The total collapse of TCM in terms service delivery as he termed it, does not require any public debate to correct the situation. Public debate is not a solution to the challenges facing TCM at this stage, but rather public participation as it will, at least lead to a result.

It’s absolutely uncalled for to raise concerns about councillors and officials driving expensive cars and living in comfortable houses, unless they are not earning salaries, and, if Cllr Essack has genuine grounds that there’s corruption or fraud involved, just like as the DA does at national, he could approach the law enforcement agencies to get such allegations investigated and to bring the culprits to book. What’s the use of taking the concerns to the media and not to the law enforcement agencies? Will the public assist him?

All councillors, including Farhad, draw their salaries monthly from this very same institution. It seems as if he is a bit jealous. I’m tempted to say that his concerns refers to the “black” councillors and officials from townships and rural areas. What’s wrong with living in a comfortable house? Is he living in a shack? No, he lives in a “palace”. In this country, no one is born to suffer. As long as they are paid employees, they have the right to improve their living conditions.

I want to remind him that the foundation of human association is the concept that human life has equal worth and human beings are equally entitled to political, economic and social rights which allow them to choose the life they want to live. It’s clear that Farhad still holds the opinion that blacks are not entitled to freedom and democracy and should not drive fancy cars. They should not live in nice houses or partake in politics, they should also not lead whites It’s a sin for a black person to live in an urban area or to earn more than a white person.

I’m sure this is frustration, if not embarrassment. It has never been and is still not the policy of the ANC to use media as the preferred platform for purposes of engagement. It is also wrong to dictate to a political party who should be deployed but I’m not surprised, sometimes frustration can cause an unusual behaviour.

Just tell the people of TCM what your party is offering rather than to wait for the ANC’s promised “better story to tell”. Also don’t forget to tell them its achievements since 1994, before the ANC does, because it might paralyse your thoughts should they do that before you. The people of TCM do not need a public debate to measure performance at this stage, but just a properly developed programme with clear strategies and targets.

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