Farhad responds to letter

DA Cllr Farhad Essack.

Cll Farhad Essack responds:

As a politician, one must be able to accept constructive criticism. I must concede that Lucas Morena also gives me an opportunity to disagree with some of his opinions, respectfully. Allow me to point out that I too, am a product of the apartheid era. His suggestion that my concept of freedom and democracy sounds foreign is very sad indeed.

To suggest that it is absolutely uncalled for, to raise concerns about councillors and officials driving expensive vehicles and living in comfortable houses is absolutely absurd, my dear friend.

May I point out that my genuine belief that there are corruption and fraud taking place within TCM, is borne from the fact that the DA and myself have together laid countless charges against TCM at law-enforcement agencies, such as the Public Protector, Human Rights Commission, SAPS and the Hawks. So your concern about me taking issues to the media and not to the law enforcement agencies is entirely uninformed and untrue.

This surely must be a perfect example of me taking action and endeavouring to inform ,not only the taxpayers and residents of TCM, but also attempting to bring various perpetrators to book.

Your concerns regarding black councillors and officials living in comfortable houses is also very interesting.

Allow me to point out and educate you further that we live, as encapsulated in our constitution, a policy of an equal-opportunity society for all. Have you forgotten that we embrace BEE that creates jobs, not just millionaires? Furthermore, have you forgotten, dear friend, that we also embrace sustainable land reform that corrects the injustices of apartheid land laws?

The doors of my humble home in Extension 2 have always been open, allowing me to cultivate quality relationships with individuals from all walks of life. I am surprised that you fail to even realise that all my neighbours are black families, with a respect for law and order. We harmoniously live together in the new South Africa with respect for each other’s religious beliefs, customs and political affiliations. Friend, you know me long enough, am I not a living example of the above?

It is more than clear that you are still living “in the struggle” and caught up in an apartheid time capsule. This, in my opinion, and as most of us well know, ended in 1994, with the advent of our new democracy. It seems that you are caught in a web of wanting to live apartheid, but in reverse.

To say “that black people should not drive fancy cars, nor should they live in comfortable homes, nor should they partake in politics, nor should they lead whites and that they should not earn more than whites” is ridiculously absurd, coming from an individual who is employed at a governmental institution.

Your comments seem to be in complete contradiction of the Freedom Charter for which legendary individuals such as Tata Madiba, Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani and the likes of Ahmed Kathrada gave their lives. Lucas, I ask you to wake up and smell the coffee.

You seem to be totally confused by commenting: “…it has never and still is not the policy of the ANC to use media as the preferred platform for purposes of engagement ” (I note that you are engaging with me through the media!).

I believe that when I read the newspapers, which might be different to yours, that all political parties comment every day in the press. So I’m not sure if you are up to speed with the latest events such as Nkandla-gate. Allow me to point out that the ANC has done a lot under presidents Mandela and Mbeki, the lives of many people improved and we began to cultivate under their leadership the much talked about Rainbow nation.

I point out to you that today’s ANC has given up on jobs for everyone and is only interested in enriching the connected and selected few. Just look at Thaba Chweu and their Employment Equity practice. I ask you: “Should we just condone the R57-million wasteful & fruitless expenditure, by TCM in the last 12 months?” I’m not sure how informed you are, sensing that you probably read newspapers from foreign countries. Tell me honestly, the little that you might know: “What has the ANC regime here in Thaba Chweu achieved since 1994?” Forgive me, I have no intention of “paralysing your thoughts”.

The people of TCM need public debate to allow the taxpayers and residents of this municipality to judge for themselves! It is sad that your proposed leaders from TCM are not prepared to step up to the challenge of being accountable, transparent and admitting to failure.

I conclude by informing you that if you so believe that the ANC “has a better story to tell” we, from the DA “have a true story to tell”.!

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