Cocktails and turquoise seas

Dax Lambourn

I’m sitting watching waves crash over the rocks on a beautiful chair with hubby next to me. Little man has gone to kiddies club where he has already done a trapeze stunt about 10 meters up! And he loved it! We are sitting in sunny Mauritius! What a holiday it has been so far! Talk about an island party!

If we didn’t know better, we would think that we were on the beach in Paris. French everywhere you go. ‘Bon joir’ is the word of choice and absolutely everything is in French. Even the food is labelled in the language so everything’s a guessing game! We are having so much fun trying to decipher the language. Daniel’s made so many French friends already, so amusing watching them communicate. And despite the language barrier, they still understand one another.

We are currently sitting under an exquisite shaded lapa overlooking the clear turquoise ocean, as the breeze kisses our faces. Two cocktails down, the relaxation has overpowered our senses.

Without even thinking, which is what we do in our daily routine of life, we blend in with the moment and realize just how beautiful life is. (These are the words hubby is feeding me right now. He really wants to write this blog for me this week).

Here are some more words of wisdom from hubby: “My mind and soul intermingle as one as they both soar like a free seagull as my eyes skim over the ocean. Reality has no purpose here. As I live in a new wondrous world, stress and strife melt off my body like soft chocolate off a warm waffle. ” (I am laughing so much right now! And am actually so impressed with hubby’s analogies).

Seriously though, we are having a holiday of a lifetime. What an amazing place. So much to do – with a different theme every day and the most friendly and welcoming staff, we really are having a lekka time.

From the Dax man: No critics here just a sense of happiness. We take what we get and hopefully apply it to our lives. We are all different all with a purpose. I am proudly South African (cheers back home, Phoenix is a good beer). Family, what a value! I love my child and my wife. I would be lost without them. Smile and be proud because I think we are all heroes.

And that is how de-stressed and happy my hubby is. So awesome to witness! So now I say ‘Are Voir’ till we get back to our faithful South Africa!

From Dax and Max Lambourn,
Wishing everyone a happy week!

Maxine Lambourn
Love, Live and Shine!

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