BREAKING: Court declares interdict as ‘not urgent’

LYDENBURG – The hopes of thousands of residents in the Thaba Chweu Local Municipal (TCLM) region was shattered as news broke that the court in Mbombela ruled against the interdict brought about by the three business chambers.

The Sabie, Lydenburg and Graskop chambers decided to take Eskom, TCLM and seven other parties to court over the Eskom disconnections on account of an arrear debt by TCLM.

Gwilyn Rees of the Sabie business chamber told the newspaper; “The judgement has been received. The judge has decided (on a procedural issue) that our application is not urgent. While this is disappointing, it was not entirely unexpected. We have other avenues open to us and we will not stop working towards a successful outcome. We are now considering an urgent application in the Constitutional Court. We have come too far to stop now. Please bear with us as we push things forward. We’ll keep you informed as things progress.”

Narda Vermaak

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