Elsabe Aldrich motivates scholars

Elsabé Aldrich addresses the grade nines during LOOP Youth Week.

Aldrich is an acclaimed and sought-after speaker, motivational consultant and life-skills trainer.

She challenged the learners to define their dreams, discover their values and make choices based on who they want to be.

“You live three lives,” she explained, “a social life, influenced by how you look, talk and shake hands, a private life where you reveal how you feel, what you believe to be funny and other habits, and a secret life based on the secrets you hold.

“In all these lives, you should pinpoint your dreams and follow them, because this is your story and no one else’s,” was her advice. Imagining that they had unlimited money, time and freedom, they had to list their favourite food, activities, pastimes and people, highlighting the top three.

If these values formed part of the dream, the pupil was following his or her heart and knew him- or herself.

The youngsters were asked to consider their multiple roles in life, as a child, a brother or sister, a member of an extended family, a friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or a learner.

They were then challenged to picture their own funerals and to write down what they wanted their parents, family and friends

to say.

With the youth week theme of leadership and development in mind, the learners were reminded of the difference between a leader and a manager.

Both are important, she explained. Leadership is doing the right things, while managing is doing things the right way. You are your own manager, she emphasised, leading her audience in a chorus, “If it is to be, it’s up to me”.

“Anything your mind can perceive, it can achieve,” Aldrich said, quoting Helen Keller, “What is worse than blindness? To have perfect sight, but no vision.”

Your vision should be your red carpet to your dreams. Change yourself to become who you want to be and start working on your legacy, remembering, “I am today because of the choices I made yesterday”.

Jornt Haarman

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