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BURGERSFORT – One man’s rubbish could be another man’s creativity. Steelburger/Lydenburg News’ journalists were given the task to go dumpster diving with the purpose of recycling. Armed with gloves and cameras they searched garbage bags on the streets. It was a smelly task but proved its purpose at the end.Gilbert Motseo found a milk and butter container. Mariska Sadler picked a Nescafé glass coffee bottle and a two-litre cold-drink bottle. When they started to think about what they could do with their items, a new world opened up for them. Over the weekend they transformed their trash into useful items. Sadler made a flower vase out of the glass bottle, and a stationery holder out of the plastic bottle.She used old paint which was lying around in the house, flowers that her mother was throwing away, wooden off-cuts from the garage, and old newspaper cuttings to transform the glass bottle into a masterpiece. The plastic bottle was cut into three pieces.Motseo used his milk container, added four plastic wheels and created a toy car. With the butter container he simply punched holes in the bottom and put a plant in it – as simple as that. The team was not excited about the challenge at all, but after completing it, they felt humbled at what they had created.

“I didn’t know that I was a creative person until I started with this challenge. I enjoyed it so much. It is amazing to see what you can create with just a little,” said Sadler.

Motseo added, “I honestly dreaded the task as it reminded me of arts and culture back at school, but it was a challenge when I started working on designing the toy car. My nephew was very interested in the toy. I am now truly believing in the notion that, the little things we disregard, can change others’ lives. My nephew has bagged himself a gift from uncle”.

Mariska Sadler and Gilbert Motseo

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