Pillion passengers: Safety tips when riding two up

Many people enjoy the thrill of speeding on a motorbike. Whilst on a motorcycle, you can envision you’re in an action-packed movie and riding with someone as famous as Jason Statham, Vin Diesel or Sylvester Stallone!

If you own a motorcycle, it is expected that you take care of three things:

  1. Ensure than you have motorcycle insurance.
  2. Make sure that your motorcycle is regularly serviced and is roadworthy.
  3. Guarantee that your pillion is safe and complies to all rules

If you are riding pillion (the passenger) on a motorcycle, then it is up to you to take precautionary measures as well. Here are useful tips for you:

  • Wear a helmet. Yes, it may not be the sexiest or most comfortable thing to wear, but it will protect you, should you meet an accident.
  • Ensure your feet reach the foot pegs. If you keep your feet on the pegs when the rider has stopped at a robot, for example, it is easier for him or her to keep it in balance.
  • Do not lean backwards. The further back you sit, the heavier your weight will be. This could disturb the rider when turning sharp corners.
  • Hold onto the rider’s waist instead of their shoulders or arms.
  • Trust the rider at all times. Trust their instincts and the way they move on the bike. And most importantly, trust the instructions they give you.

Whether you’re a motorcycle rider or riding pillion, by following the tips above, you can enjoy an exciting ride and make sure you take responsibility for your safety.


Chané van der Merwe

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