Home 4 Paws asks for your food assistance

LYDENBURG – It is not even full-blown winter yet and Home 4 Paws has already run out of dog food.

According to Cathy Schutte, the owner of this shelter, Home 4 Paws is in desperate need of food in order to feed the abandoned and abused dogs in the shelter.

“We really need the community’s assistance. Our food is non-existent. I have to buy food out of my own pocket but I really cannot keep this up. We have a trolley at Pick n Pay where people can donate dog food, but this is not enough to make ends meet.”

Home 4 Paws feeds 35 adult dogs and seven puppies. They consume 150 kilograms of food per week. Schutte also feeds three large abandoned dogs in the industrial area.

“These dogs eat eight kilograms of dog food in two days. I am pleading with community members to open their hearts to the shelter and help us stock up on food for the coming winter. Food will always be our main concern.”

Schutte has been feeding the three dogs in the industrial park since last year November. The owner who rented the property simply left the dogs behind without any food, water or shelter. The gate to the premises is locked, and dog food can only be thrown on the ground for the dogs to eat.

Home 4 Paws is the only shelter in town after Lydenburg Animal Protection Services and Rescue was closed down in March by Mbombela’s SPCA.

Anyone who is willing to help with dog food can contact Schutte on 082-462-5754. Dog food can also be dropped off at the offices of Steelburger/Lydenburg News.

Narda Vermaak

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