Chaos erupts again in council meeting

EFF councillors confront the Speaker, Naomi Phala.

BURGERSFORT – The Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Municipality (FGTM) council chamber witnessed what resembled a boxing match when chaos again erupted during a special council meeting last Thursday.EFF members scuffled with security personnel who were called to remove the councillors who were disrupting the mayor, Cllr Johannes Phokane, during the presentation of the draft Integrated Development Plan.The EFF, as well as other opposition parties the DA and Sada, raised points of order which were allegedly ignored by Speaker Naomi Phala.The councillors started making a noise, banging desks and demanding that they be given the roving microphone to voice their points of order. The ANC officials were seen throwing the microphones out of reach to prevent the opposition parties from getting an opportunity to speak.

In a tit-for-tat exchange, the councillors shoved each other, with the EFF also splashing ANC members with water from water bottles.The Speaker responded by ordering the security staff to remove the EFF members from the council. The plan did not work as fists started flying. It seemed like the councillors won the fight as none were evicted, and they remained in the chamber. The EFF indicated that Phala was taking sides in running the proceedings at the chamber, as she allegedly sidelined opposition parties.

Despite the commotion, the ANC continued with the order of the day. Resolutions were taken with councillors barely hearing one another during the meeting.For the second time this year, the opposition parties called for the municipal manager, Johannes Mohlala, and the Speaker to be suspended.An ANC councillor who chose to remain anonymous said “during council, if the Speaker deems it necessary for maintaining order, he/she may direct a security officer to remove or cause the removal of any person.”Additionally, council has full legislative and administrative powers and as such the necessary security measures were taken to contain the commotion and allow the meeting to continue.”

Gilbert Motseo

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