Corrie van der Merwe replied to the post and said that racism definitely exists. “Friends that don’t live here can’t believe when I screenshot something and send it to them. I have personally never encountered racism like in this town. It is actually sad.”

Sean van Musschenbroek said that he hailed from Gauteng and has never experienced racism like he has in this town.

“It definitely exists, but not just in Lydenburg, but everywhere in the country.”

“I don’t think it matters whether you have 100 friends of different cultures, if people don’t respect one another, it will never get better,” said Anna Kilian.

Ina Hoppe also said that it exists. “But it works both ways.”

Khomotso Maupa agreed with the overwhelming response and said that it still exists.

Mandla Martin Mohlala accused local newspapers, the business chamber and the DA of being racist organisations. On his status update on March 3, Mohlala wrote: “I am worried about the silence of our people, Tubatse and Thaba Chweu Local Municipality. People who care not by now to realise that Steelburger News and Panorama News in conjunction with Lydenburg/Mashishing Business Chamber and the DA are racist organisations, advancing only the white interests at the expense of the poor black majority.

“What even makes me sick is their art of black fronting. Using black people to be the desired faces when in reality they are just nobodies and no names that their views mean exact to nothing. Go to their front pages and their entire stories for the past three years.

“Black people only make it to full front pages when they are striking against the municipality for propaganda purposes, or barbaric acts yet the same municipality would rather enter into agreements with such organisations rather focus on inclusive economic growth.

“Last year the boer bread, having used a black journo made it 2da paper but let me leave controversy. But we are going to break that monopoly which doesn’t involve us as blacks (sic)”.

He went on to name the new Panorama Mall, Booysendal Mine, Kwena Dam and the Gorge in Graskop and said; “If these projects all go the whites and you are watching without asking where you fit, watch out (sic).”

The newspaper asked him on social media whether he is indeed accusing the newspaper of racism. He then again posted the link of the non-operational sewerage works stating that, “We maintain that the newspapers are racist.”

Narda Vermaak

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