Car set alight after a long chase.

BURGERSFORT – A car was torched after a long chase and an attempted hijacking.
The driver of the brand-new Ford Focus, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in shock but able to recall the events leading to his car being set alight. He first noticed a white BMW at Tubatse Mine on the R37 trying to push him off the road. As soon as they were out of town he knew something was off.

About 10 kilometres outside Burgersfort on his way to Lydenburg, the men in the BMW started pointing guns at his car. Not being familiar with this area he took the first gravel road he could find – Fraaiuitzicht Road. He then noticed that the vehicle was coming closer and not slowing down. Fearing for his life he abandoned the Ford and fled into the bush.

He then sat watching in terror as the men searched his vehicle and then set it alight.

It is unclear if he was a random victim or if it the incident is connected to a personal vendetta.
The police could not have been reached for comment at this time.

Mariska Sadler

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