Community blocks road in demand for electricity.

STEELPOORT – Community members are outraged on the R555 by the Steelbridge. A truck has been hijacked and ordered to block the road after the speed humps at Maseven. The reason for all this chaos? Community members demanding electricity for their village Maseven.

All motorists were advised to make use of alternative roads. Although the scene seems calm from a distance, people should approach with caution. As soon as a vehicle stops to observe what is going on, people storm from the bushes and houses to plunder the vehicle with stones and glass bottles.

Last night at around 23:00, the situation was at its worst. Community members were marching up and down in front of the truck. In the early morning the road was cleared up, but by 08:00 the anger rose up again. All traffic was diverted. People are advised to avoid using the R555 and make use of alternative routes. Updates will follow.

Mariska Sadler

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