Rain causes flooding and damage in town

LYDENBURG – Heavy rain caused flooding in some areas in town last Friday and Saturday. So much so that Lydenburg SAPS urged residents to avoid the bridge leading towards Mashishing near Extention 2.

The police sent out a warning that the Dorps River was almost in full flood, and that the Frischgewaagd Road should be used as an alternative route to access Mashishing. The town received 100 millimetres of rain on Friday. Viljoen Street, leading towards the abattoir, was closed after a Toyota Yaris was almost swept away by the Klipgat Spruit.

Four furry friends of residents in town also had a near-fatal experience. According to Frik Rousseau of the Mpumalanga Parks & Tourism Agency at the Fisheries, his schnauzer, Boesman, was rescued seconds before he could be carried away by floodwater. “Elsa Olivier retrieved Boesman just in time,” Rousseau said. “When I was driving home, water started pouring into my car and the front grille was washed away by the current. A house was flooded, and thousands of rand’s worth of damage was caused.”

He confirmed that they also measured 100 millimetres at the Fisheries. According to Stephani Roos from Fourie Street, she and her family went to look at the water hazards at Lydenburg Golf Club that were overflowing. “Upon our return we noticed people crowding at the dip of Klipgat Spruit. We saw Herman Blohm, a friend of ours, retrieve an animal from the stream and only then realised that it was our dog, Kwambo, that he was saving.

“Our dogs love swimming and they might have strayed off to have a look at the stream coming down through our backyard. Lulu, our basset, managed to get out of the water, but our staffie, Zimba, got carried away. My husband Arie managed to pull Zimba out of the water 300 metres from where Kwambo was rescued.” Roads in town were flooded and parts of De Qlerq and Potgieter streets were inaccessible to smaller vehicles.

Watch Kwambo’s rescue video here:




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