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For the last 30 years Caxton Local Media has delivered local news to your doorstep weekly in print and more recently daily online.   Now, whilst continuing to deliver 413 000 newspapers door to door across the East Rand and southern suburbs of Johannesburg  every week, exciting new advertising platforms are to be added to our online offering for the benefit of both advertisers and readers.

Research shows that around the country communities place a premium on hyper-local content because it affects them specifically and catering for that need has always uniquely been Caxton’s niche and focus.

Our websites already generate over 630 000 news page views per month.  The new advertising platforms will in addition enable search online for goods and services available locally – be it homes, cars or specials from the retailers just down the road.

Caxton Local Media CEO, Bruce Sturgeon says, “We have embarked on a major digital venture to create unique local search options across a wide variety of platforms from cars to dating for each of the communities we serve. The first platforms to be launched are Homes, Biz (business listings) and Specials (catalogues) but more will be rolled out in the next 12 months”.

The Homes platform is tailor-made to fit local consumers’ local property needs whether they be renting, selling or buying.  In addition the platform will provide essential tools to calculate affordability and monthly repayments.

The mobile-friendly Biz platform will be a boon for both business owners and seekers allowing the former to target just their target markets and the latter to search just for relevant businesses where they live.

The Specials platform will showcase digitised catalogues – similar to the hugely popular inserts in local newspapers – enabling readers for the first time to hunt online locally  for the specials in their areas before hitting the malls to do their weekly shopping.

“By adding digital platforms like Homes, Biz & Specials to our sites we plan to make local search an effortless and enjoyable experience community by community,” says Sturgeon.  “We are confident adding these portals will usher in a new Digital Age in communities we serve.”

Go to your local community website now to find whatever you may be looking for. (insert website for newspaper that this is printed in).

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