Child rapist found guilty and sentenced 12 years after crime

LYDENBURG – “Let me make you a woman,” were the words of a man to a 12-year-old girl before he raped her.

The rape survivor is now 24-year-old.The incident happened years ago but the she testified that she could still remember what he said to her and that she pleaded with him by saying, “I do not want to be a woman I am still a kid”.

Thomas Makua was sentenced in the Lydenburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

The case is said to be the oldest on the roll, because the crime was committed 12 years ago.

According to the evidence presented in court on September 6, 2006 Makua raped the child.

She knew who he was when he forced himself on her that night. The girl sustained internal injuries.

Makua was later arrested but the court proceedings were delayed due to investigations and challenges of getting a legal representative for the accused.

According to the magistrate, Mr Andries Lamprecht, DNA tests on the victim’s underwear placed the accused the scene of the crime.

“The evidence presented before the court is enough in any court to prove that the suspect is the one who committed the crime. A medical doctor also confirmed that she was raped,” said Lamprecht.

The accused claimed that on the day in question, he was attending a party.

Before passing sentence the magistrate presented the statements and evidence used to reach the final verdict.

“It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty and we found him guilty. Due to technical problems with the charge sheet he will not get a maximum sentence of 15 years and will only be sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.”

Bridget Mpande

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