Neighbour shoots burglars dead

One of the burglars with the pistol still in his hand.

STEELPOORT – Two burglars were shot dead in the early hours of Tuesday. A resident, Mr Wayne Farmer investigated a disturbance at his neighbour’s house. He caught a gang of five burglars red-handed. A gunfight ensued and two were killed.

The incident occurred at 03:40 when Farmer’s dog started barking furiously. He went onto the stoep to see what the commotion was about. The next moment his neighbour’s house alarm was triggered, but nobody was home. The neighbour had asked Farmer to keep an eye on his property while he was away. He went to fetch his single-barrel 12-gauge shotgun out of the safe and went next door to investigate. As he walked around a corner of the neighbour’s house he found someone standing outside.

“I asked him what he was doing there. The person then turned around and ran away. Two other burglars jumped out of the window and started to fire shots at me. I quickly fell to the ground to take cover while I was trying to shoot back in the direction of the gunshots. I only had four rounds on me. Another two men also jumped out of the window shooting towards me while running away. It was then that I realised it was four armed burglars against me and I had no ammunition left,” Farmer told Steelburger/Lydenburg News.

When he realised he was outnumbered and out of ammunition, he ran back home, locked the doors and phoned the police. According to him, Red Security was the first at the scene in response to the alarm. Moments later the police arrived. Farmer also notified the neighbour who arrived at the scene shortly afterwards.

“The SAPS investigated the scene where the burglars gained access to the home, but only by sunrise did they discover two dead bodies at the fence of the neighbour’s property. The other three had escaped on foot,” added the resident.

Police are investigating. A video camera was stolen.

“According to standard law procedures, we must open a murder case against the man for shooting the two burglars. He was not taken into custody as we are still investigating to determine if it was self-defence. We will only know the outcome of the case by next week. Until then he will not be arrested while investigations are continuing,” said Lt Col Ronel Otto, Limpopo police spokesman.

An eyewitness at the scene said houses in that area were frequently targeted and he hoped this would be a lesson to criminals to stay away.


Chané van der Merwe

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