The Right Approach To Christmas

Whether we like it or not, Christmas and all it embraces, is only a few weeks off! All right, whatever you do, don’t panic. Keep calm, stay calm, because yours truly is about to give you some really good advice on coping with this fascinating time of year.

Traditionally, Christmas is celebrated only in the Northern hemisphere.

Let’s get realistic, hauling in Yule logs (whatever they are) and God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen, is about as antiquated as Adam and Eve, (who are celebrated throughout the year at Sandy Bay in the Cape).

So what’s with this notion that includes icy winds, log fires, three feet of snow, stockings hanging in the chimney, and the like…..In southern Africa?

Of course, they have very little to do with the birth of Jesus Christ.

North Africa, and in particular Bethlehem, the birth-place of our Lord has never seen snow, since it is a hot and arrid part of the globe. (Sometimes cold at night tho`)

That jovial bearded gentleman St. Nicholas is the culprit. Yep, he’s from the Northern hemisphere all right, and don’t we all know it!

I believe that Father Xmas, Santa Claus, or whatever, can be held responsible for a lot of the misery that goes with our Christmas celebrations.
Paying homage to a new born babe is usually a quiet affair. Alas, the modern adaptation of paying homage is far from it. Just go to your average Office Christmas Party to find out!

Of course, I am not putting the damper on the most important day in the Christian calendar, I am attempting to explain the facts that are apparent to me, and a few others besides.

Let your Christmas this year be different!

Don’t send a card to your Granny or Grandpa, or any near relative for that matter. If you can, go around and see them on Christmas morning.

Tell them how much you love them, hug them, make a fuss of them. There’s not a gift in the whole wide world that will equal it.

For the kids, and after all, Christmas is their very own time of the year. Whether you are a practicing Christian or not…please include a Nativity scene in your home. Get the ‘old man’ to knock one up from a shoe box, or packing crate.

A handful of straw, a few lowly animals and a manger…and not forgetting baby Jesus, will work a few miracles in your home, I guarantee it!

What NOT to buy for your kids: fireworks, drums, anything that needs batteries, bows and arrows, Toy A.K. 47`s., Rabbits., Childrens

Cosmetics., Dolls that wee., Doctor-doctor outfits and Barbie and Ken.

For the grown ups, here’s a list of useful ‘pressies’ that are cheap and useful, you can even make some of them yourself.

Kitchen memo board and a stick of chalk; stick-on thermometer; sand egg timer for those outgoing telephone calls; garden gloves; page-a-day diary; clip-board and pencil; first aid kit; a torch with batteries; front door message pad; tape measure; magnetic car key holder; tullen scissors; tube of magic glue.  And for all you Dad’s who haven’t the faintest clue what to buy the Missus, grab a recent colour photo of the kids, and get it enlarged with an expensive looking frame. Believe me, when the Missus sees a picture of her little darlings on Christmas morning, she’ll forget all about that hangover you have!



Geoffrey Kennell
Off the cuff

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