High flying mommies

On my 29th birthday I jumped out of an aeroplane at 10 000 feet, freefalling in tandem for the first 5 000 – after landing strapped to a beautiful parachute that delivered us safely to the ground. That obviously called for a tequila afterwards, even though it was not yet 8am. (Mostly due to the pure adrenalin surging through my veins after an experience I cannot possibly forget, even if I tried!)

When we go to any kind of fair ground, the first thing I do is look for the most thrilling ride. I’ve done the Sabie swing and some bungee jumping and my favourite thing to look at is a motorbike.

So I guess that means I enjoy my thrills in the sky with a dash of speed! Always have, and always will – even though I have become a mom and have to be more responsible – the day we become mommies we change so much, but we cannot take the ‘us’ out of us, we can supress it, we usually have to – but it will always be there.

Life is about living is it not? Then why is it every time we do something a little daring we get it from all sides? In order for me to be a happy little mommy, I need a dose of adrenalin in my veins every now and then. And it is also possible to do these things responsibly, even though many don’t think so. Some people would say it is irresponsible parenting, and that is why I put my own hobbies and interests aside for so long when becoming a mommy. But now… I think it is my turn again.

A few years ago my gorgeous husband came home on a 650 Suzuki Bandit and told me it was for me! I was in absolute shock and also the happiest person on earth that day! My dream came true! My very own blue motorbike – I had been dreaming about that since I can remember and here it was – a gorgeous splendid incredible machine that was mine. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! When I eventually braved the road with my beautiful new toy – the experience of riding my beautiful Sassy on the road was beyond expectation – it was amazing.

And of course, with all good things, they do come to an end, in this case it was because of a new beginning – I found out the next week that I was four weeks pregnant with Daniel. So, that dream had to wait just a little longer while I made way for the most incredible journey I was ever to embark on – the journey of motherhood.

I am still travelling this road, and loving every second of it, but now the path has allowed for some diversions here and there. Over the years, the on-road biking dream changed to that of just playing off-road. Last Friday marked another truly magnificent event in my life –the day had finally arrived that we could afford my new toy.

My beautiful Honda 230 Cherry baby! Just to play – have fun and relax. I don’t want to do all those adventurous trails hubby does, just play, slowly and softly – for now. And the best part… I got to ride her on Sunday! We are both breaking in, so I was gentle with her, and she was gentle with me – it was a magnificent first ride and I had my brother and husband’s support all the way!

They were actually surprised that I didn’t stall her the first time… obviously it has been some time since I rode last – and I am proud to report that it went really well! Cherry did fall twice, but I managed to stay up – lol, and she escaped with minor injuries!

So I am still on a high from Sunday and cannot wait for that next ride – I think that is exactly how I will be spending my Mother’s Day – it is our day after all – however contradictory it seems, do we not deserve to do the things we love most on the day of celebrating motherhood?

Responsibility is after all, also about being responsible for our own happiness – and a happy mommy and wife makes for a happy hubby and child’s life – does it not?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mommies out there! Remember not to let your dreams go forever – one can be a good mother and a whole person at the same time, responsibly!

Love live and shine!

Maxine Lambourn
Love, Live and Shine!

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