To walk or not to walk – what shall it be?

As I lazed on my recliner beside the pool on the most perfectly perfect day, which happened to be Workers Day holiday, May 1, 2014. Not quite warm enough to be sporting my costume but then again not cool enough for a track suit.

My mind wandered back to a few short months ago. I guiltily recall the promise I made to myself and my slightly overweight Jack Russell aptly named Pebbles. The truth be known, I wouldn’t say either of us is obese but we could certainly lose a kilo or three.

However, digressing now, for the sole purpose of keeping one in the picture:

When she was a pup, never in my wildest imaginings did I visualise her becoming the chubby little blighter she is. I recall a visit to the vet feeling most indignant when he very diplomatically advised me to watch what I fed her. “No treats” he advised. Scouts honour I have never given her treats.

Now me and “treats” – well let’s say that’s a totally different story – but yes it seems the vet had a knack of seeing her tendency to gain a couple of pounds as she matured. Particularly since she’s been spayed.

So in November last year I made a promise to both myself and Pebbles. With summer fast approaching, I bought her a really cute trendy pink leash and harness.

With the determined idea that as the sun peeked through our curtains and the birds tweeted their first song of the day. Pebbles and I would leap out of bed enthusiastically and join the other “seize the day” walkers in our neighbourhood.

Well day one came and went, as did day two and day three. My son, hubby and friends all tried in vain to encourage me to get started. Once you start you will never look back. Shame, poor Pebbles – how she would love to go for that promised walk.

Well, sadly nothing swayed me. So as this summer fades and another winter approaches and I laze on my recliner my decision was already made.

It is most definitely way too cold …. and dark to possibly even contemplate walking now. However come the return of summer, ofcourse Pebbles and I will join the other walkers.

Until then I will continue to buy and eat those delicious Marshmallow Easter eggs that the shops are still selling – and try not feel too guilty – as hey I do intend to get fit when the summer returns. Hey Pebbles?

Liz Robbertze

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