A day in the life of Liz

What’s for dinner?

This has to be one of the most age old questions asked by children/teens (in particular) every day for centuries: What’s for dinner?

Those were the days my friend

Do our kids even know how to find an author on the shelves of a library – how many of them even know how to spell the word library?

It’s not always all bad

The sad reality is crime knows no boundaries. Living in this beautiful country, none of us is immune to crime.

And so it was to be; no Christmas list for me

Weeks before the Malls displayed their Christmas decorations – I was compiling my Christmas wish list. I wanted to be certain that by the time my beloved asked for it, I would be ready.

Never Assume

Many years ago, I was told: “Never assume because when you assume, you are making an “ass” of “u” and “me.”

To walk or not to walk – what shall it be?

I guiltily recall the promise I made to myself and my slightly overweight Jack Russell aptly named Pebbles. The truth be known, I wouldn’t say either of us is obese but we could certainly lose a kilo or three.