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Ou goed maak kleingoed gelukkig

Enige ou speelgoed en teddiebere kan by Kinderland of Steelburger/Lydenburg Nuus se kantore afgelaai word. Vir meer inligting, skakel Broekman by 072-372-3542 of die koerant by 013-235-1624

Ongeskikte karwagte val klante glo lastig

Toe hy betaling geweier word, het hy die joernalis beledig en as ‘n “slegte white” uitgeskel. Met die wegry het hy ook probeer om op die kar te spoeg.

Kids suffer in land debacle

On Wednesday they arrived at Kellysville Primary and chased all the children out of the playground.

Man convicted for raping minor

He pleaded not guilty to the charges, stating that he only slapped the girl as she was disturbing him while he was bathing.Doctors from Dilokong examined the minor and testified that she was raped.

Repairs on the R36 to enter the second stage

Since the shoulders of the road are basically crumbling away, these trucks have become too wide and often veer off the road to avoid colliding with each other. The resulting dust clouds visibility for any motorist travelling behind them.

Residents of Extension 10 demand services

The residents of Extension 10, which is situated behind the Burgersfort Clinic, indicated that they also demand job opportunities from businesses operating near their area.