You light up my life…

Up until today I haven’t really considered myself as old. In years perhaps, but in physical ability and mental alertness, I am able to match most youngsters.

Today being bowls day, something happened at the end of our morning session that set me really thinking. What happened was a kind of miracle.

We were saying our ‘good-byes`. You know, nodding our heads and saying “See you Thursday” kind of thing when one of our lady bowlers threw her arms around my neck and hugged me.

I naturally hugged her back, and for several seconds I held her tiny frail body close in my arms. “Oh Geoff,” she said to me. “You haven’t any idea how really wonderful it is to be hugged like that.”

Eva will be ninety in August, and for a split second I saw right past her physical appearance, her gnarled rheumatic fingers, her frail bone structure, the lines that crisscrossed her once lovely face, her shaky voice and white hair. I had, in some magical way touched her very soul in that one gorgeous hug.

Her remark made me very humbled, and from now on, I will never look at an elderly person in quite the same light. I ask all of you too, who may be reading this blog.

When you come across an elderly person, try to look beyond their physical being. Try looking into the eyes of the soul of the person who is housed in that tattered old frame-work of a body.

See who they really are and treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

As for Eva…of course I’ll keep on hugging the old dear. What was that song again, “You, light up my life….”




Geoffrey Kennell
Off the cuff

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